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Are you passionate about sports or physical activity?  Discover how GIA Wellness can help you to be your best, turn back the clock, perform at your peak level, and recover quickly from the stress and strain of exercise.

"Only he who can see the invisible can do the impossible."

Frank L. Gaines
Step One
Step One

The GIA Life Pendant

Natural Energy
The GIA Life Pendant is a calming body-worn bioenergetic solution to dealing with mental and physical stress. It supports natural energy and balance and enhances mental & physical performance, especially under pressure.


Energy, Immunity, Nutrition
I-Thrive is a superior all in one nutritional beverage custom formulated to boost energy, support a healthy immune system and replenish vital nutrients.

Smart Sleeves & Smart Strips

Join Support, Recovery and Performance
Energy Resonance Technology enhanced joint support sleeves and flexible patches relieve stress, tension and discomfort associated with nagging muscular and joint injuries. Many report an increase in strength, balance, range of motion and enhanced performance while wearing Smart Sleeves and Smart Strips.

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Give Yourself an Edge
Edge is designed to assist and accelerate your body’s natural recovery from stress, exertion and muscle fatigue.

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Motion Plus

The Answer for Those Aching Joints
Motion Plus is a daily joint support, dietary supplement containing the unique liquid blend of three key ingredients renowned for their joint support qualities. Glucosamine – MSM – Cetyl Myristoleate.

Energy Resonance Technology

Energy Resonance Technology (ERT) is the red thread that powers all of GIA’s Inspired Wellness Products. Co-Founder and Co-CEO Alfred Hanser, gives us a peak behind the curtain as he reveals the secret to the amazing health benefits of GIA Wellness products.


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