GIA Sports Performance

GIA Sports Performance

Science-Driven Hydration, Energy and Nourishment

Science-Driven Hydration, Energy and Nourishment

Revolutionizing Hydration

Unlock the potential within every cell of your body with the GIA Sports Performance i-H2o Water Activation System, a revolutionary discovery designed not just to quench your thirst but to profoundly redefine hydration as you know it. Imagine being able to elevate your athletic performance to levels you never thought possible, simply by reimagining the water you drink.

Maximize Your Performance:

Discover the Power of the i-H2o Water Activation System!

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How It Works?

Watch and discover how GIA’s SFA Technology will help you achieve an optimal level of hydration and peak performance.

Supercharge Performance and Recovery

Hydration Optimization

Elevate your game with our i-H2o Water Activation System! Our revolutionary technology enables athletes to hydrate more efficiently, ensuring rapid absorption. Get ready for a performance boost as you experience super hydration like never before!

Athletic Performance Enhancement

Discover the secret to unmatched physical potential with our state-of-the-art hydration solution. The i-H2o Water Activation System not only improves your health but also assists in a balanced pH level and supports detox processes essential for high-stake athletic endeavors.

Energy and Nourishment

GIA Energy and Nourishment stands at the forefront of wellness innovation, with its cutting-edge product range that harnesses the transformative power of Energy Resonance Technology (ERT) and Single File Alignment (SFA). These exclusive pioneering technologies infuse every product with the capability to increase energy, reduce stress, promote faster recovery resulting in more “In The Zone” athletic performance.

GIALife Pendant

The GIALIfe Pendant serves as a personal bioenergetic enhancer that boosts your energy levels, promotes greater balance, sharpens focus, and accelerates recovery.

Smart Sleeves and Smart Strips

Advanced joint support sleeves and flexible patches designed to alleviate the stress, tension, and discomfort that often accompany persistent muscle strain and joint injuries. Users frequently report experiencing a boost in strength, improved balance, greater range of motion, and heightened performance when using Smart Sleeves and Smart Strips.


Restore, refresh and revitalize all at once. i-Thrive is an all-in-one nutritional beverage powered by GIA’s exclusive SFA Technology. Supports a healthy immune system, boosts energy and replenishes vital nutrients.


Edge is scientifically formulated to help alleviate stress. It supports the body’s innate recovery process from stress and muscle fatigue.

Results and Stories

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GIA’s Sports Performance Team

GIA’s Sports Performance Team is committed to boosting athletic performance, recuperation and overall health through cutting-edge products and technologies unique to GIA. Our mission is to amplify the triumph and exhilaration of both elite competitors and avid amateurs as they achieve their ultimate physical capabilities.